We know the shorter way to Hungary

We know the shorter way to Hungary

Our agency take short the way of the long proccess of the hungarian residence permit application. We help in the full administration and find your way aroundthe legal conditions. If you have any question we stand by you to have someone you can trust – in a foreign country away from your home.

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How can we help you?

We undertake the full administration for all clients who arrive from abroad just now and for clients who want to settle in Hungary. Because of our experience and contact system we know all the necessary staps we have the legal background information and we know all the procedures wich all promote the administration. We do all of our activity to offer for our clients really convenient, fast and – above all – productive settlement/empolyment proccess so thay can „arrive to Hungary in the shortest possible way”…

How can you work in Hungary?

If you want to work in Hungary you need to obtain a set of permits and official documents and certificates. Visas, residence permits, invitation letter… we have mentioned only a few wich administrative proccess not easy often buti t cannot be avoided!

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What difficulties can you run across?

In an unknown country difficult to navigate they foreign legal framework. Legal mazes and ever-changing rules, sticky administration, plenty of busy phones, hours of waiting in offices – there are much possibly problem ont he way in the and possibly rejected applications if a document filled wrong or missed one of them.

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What documents do we help you to obtain?


For a visa advisable to apply the longest possible period at the competent authorities for 3 months. We’ ve alreade experienced the hardness wich you may meet and take over those instead you so you can tick the visa issue question on you to-do list simple.

Residence Permit

Who moves to Hungary more than 3 months for working or other purpose are required to have a residence permit. Here too you can be sure: it can’t happen that something will be filled out incorrectly or you won’t submit the right documents because we control every moment and keep hand everything.

Permanent Residence Permit

You will also not have to deal with other administration by permanent residence permits if you entrust us with full corrdination. We will talking on the phone, running for papers, chew on the relevant laws and go to offices instead you.


The purpose of citizenship that applicant acquire all right as Hungarian citizenship include of course the fulfillment of citizenship obligations. We also take the full burden of processing the citizenship application off your sholders.

Further more

We help EU citizens to issue a registartion card (for longer than 90 days) – in 1-day administration, and for company and individuals to issue an invitation letter – within 15 days administration.

Our colleagues have more than 15 years of professional experience in Official life and have experience to compile applications.

They helped the entry of countless family members working in Hungary, and residents are applied for a residence permit.

They have a migration administrator qualification and a legal expert qualification.

Who we can help?







Family members


EU-s állampolgároknak

for EU citizens

Are you going to work in Hungary for the first time or have you had bad experiences with hardness case management before?

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